I think everyone can sing!  Do we each come with different amounts of natural gift?  Of course.  Regardless of the natural gift you possess, learning vocal technique will improve that gift.  It has been my joy and honor to serve as a guide in freeing and training many voices over the past 17 years.  My students are regular finalists in the NATS Central Utah Chapter Auditions, have graduated with degrees in music, and gone on to perform and teach in the community. Having coached and performed with world famous teachers, coaches, and conductors, earned a Bachelors and Masters degrees in vocal performance from the world renowned conservatory Manhattan School of Music, a Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Utah, and completed the training at The Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute of Shenandoah Conservatory, I have much to offer my students.

Vocal Technique:
I teach both classical, musical theater and contemporary styles. I am a teacher who advocates an aligned, free and natural use of the vocal mechanism and supporting musculature, on the breath singing of correctly formed vowels and consonants, and meaningful interpretation through language study and character connection. 

Performance Technique and Opportunities:​
Having music directed, conducted, stage directed and choreographed 14 shows over the past nine years, I am ever committed to the synthesis of vocal production and interpretation.  While instruction on acting technique, memorization technique and performance anxiety are an important part of my teaching system, performance mastery can only be developed through performance.  At the Ruth Ellis Vocal Academy we hold two studio master classes a month in which students perform for the studio and work toward a semester end recital performed for friends and family. 

Tuition Schedule
(master class is included)

Student Praise

​"Thank you for all that you have done for me during voice lessons! This experience has done so much for my soul and spirit. It has taught me that I CAN DO anything, even sing in front of others." R.J. 

"I wrote down all the things that I learned from you in the few months I studied with you. My list was longer than I had imagined, but more importantly, it was what I needed to build my confidence, and to get me on the right track. I appreciate your sensitive ear, and your sensitive spirit in helping me achieve my goals. God bless you in all your goals and desires of your heart." T.C. 

"I just wanted you to know how much you changed my life for good and what an influence you have been. I know I'm not the only one. Keep doing what you do...it changes lives. Singing IS someone's soul, and you make people learn what their soul means. I love you! Thanks again." S.S. 

"I just wanted to thank you for your support, encouragement, and knowledge. I appreciate how much you've taught me in just this short period! I love music so badly and want to share that love and the spirit of music with others, specifically children. I have never pursued this option simply out of fear, and feel great and wonderful things in attemtping to overcome this paralyzing fear." C.P. 

"You are not just a wonderful teacher to me, you have been a great friend. Thank you dearly for all you have done for me. Words really cannot express how much you have meant to me." K.R. 

​"Thank you for all you did to help me prepare for my audition. I appreciate your sweet and loving personality that makes it so much easier to learn from you. You definitely have a love for music and it shines through when you teach. Thank you for all you do!" A.M. 


Lesson Length
30 minutes
$85 per month
$160 per month
45 minutes
$100 per month
$190 per month
60 minutes
$130 per month
$250 per month